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Okinawan Karate - The Teachings of Master Eihachi Ota

Okinawan Karate - The Teachings of Master Eihachi Ota
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Okinawan Karate - The Teachings of Master Eihachi Ota

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Shorin Ryu is one of the world's major Karate styles. Created and developed by Okinawan masters, this style mixes the traditions and experiences of the ancient art with a modern approach to self-defense. In this work, Master Ota shows key traditional kata and bunkai. Some of the traditional Shorin Ryu forms illustrated in this essential book have never been analyzed this way before. This work is more than a how-to manual; it explores the history and philosophy behind this dynamic and practical method of karate-do. Containing hundreds of photo illustrations that show the forms step-by-step, this book will be a valuable reference for anyone seeking to learn and understand not only the principles and techniques of Shorin Ryu but also the cultural essence of Okinawan Karate.

Eihachi Ota's soft-spoken and quiet demeanor is reminiscent of the traditional social values of Okinawa. He began his martial arts training at the early age of 12. In 1969, Mr. Ota moved to the U.S. and kept training in the art he studied in his homeland. In 1973, Mr. Ota opened his first school, and he hasn't stopped teaching since. He is a perfect example of a humble karate-do master.

By Michael Rovens & Mark Polland. Softcover. 320 pages.

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Okinawan Karate - The Teachings of Master Eihachi Ota

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