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Pool Cue Shafts & Locks (Replacement & Upgrades)

Pool Cue Shafts & Locks (Replacement & Upgrades)

Pool Cue Shafts give you the ability to upgrade or replace your pool cue stick shaft with quality wood, joints and cue tip. Most of the time you will not need to throw away your old cue stick from shaft warpage if the butt of your pool cue is straight. In most scenarios you should replace your shaft every couple of years because of the grooves the shaft may develop or your tip becoming too thin. These shafts are from all of your favorite pool manufacturers from Lucasi, Predator, Arsenal, and even McDermott. For expert pool players and hustlers these make great compliments to sneaky pete's so you can have a high quality shaft on a lower end cue stick. The Shaft of the cue stick is most important part because of the straightness and the flexibility for all controlled shots.

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McDermott I-Shaft i1
McDermott I-Shaft i1
$278.99  $249.00


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Pool Cue Shafts & Locks (Replacement & Upgrades)

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